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BBS Andalusian Rooster

The Andalusian is an ancient and rugged breed.  They are a small, active chicken and are good layers of large white eggs.  The rooster of the breed rarely fights with other males, but they do better when they are not confined all day.  Average weight for roosters is 7lbs; average weight for hens is 5.5lbs. 

This rooster is a purebred black BBS AndalusianHe is glossy black with irridescent blue/green sheen especially in his amazing tail-feathers. He is 16 weeks old, fully feathered, ready for the coop, and eager to meet some ladies!

Visits are by appointment only.  As we do not hold chickens, please pay using the link below, then call or email to make arrangements to pick up your purchase.

Welsummer Roosters

Welsummers are a rare breed of chicken with Dutch origins, named after the village of Welsum, Holland. They are coveted for the dark reddish-brown speckled eggs. They adapt well to any environment and are excellent foragers. The roosters of this breed are a beautiful sight, and in fact, the rooster you find on the Kellogg's Cornflake cereal box is a Welsummer named Cornelius. They are docile and friendly and cold tolerant. They are good layers of medium, reddish brown eggs with speckles. Average weight for hens is 5 lbs and for roosters is 6 lbs.

These are purebred Welsummer  cockerels. We have TWO 9-week-old boys. They are fully feathered and ready for the coop. We have several other breeds of chickens available on Craigs List, so make sure to see them all. To reserve a rooster, pay below and then email, text, or call to arrange pickup.