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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  How big are the buttons?  What is the cost?

Most of the buttons are available in 3 sizes as follows:
Mega Buttons are 3.5" across and are priced 3 for $5
Regular buttons are 2.25" across and are priced 6 for $5
Micro buttons are 1" across and are priced 10 for $5
Shipping is a flat $5 (priority) mail for any size order.

QUESTION:  Can I use my credit card to pay for my order?

ANSWER:  Yes!  I accept credit/debit cards through PayPal, a safe, secure payment service.

I only want one or two of some designs.  May I split up my order?

ANSWER The only way to get an assortment is by choosing one of  the assortment collections or by subscribing to the Button of the Month Club which offers three new designs every 90 days.

QUESTION:  Could I get a t-shirt with one of your designs on it?

ANSWER:  Many of you have asked about t-shirts with my designs.  Good news!  I Click here for t-shirtam now providing many of my designs to Carolina Keepsakes, where you can purchase t-shirts, tote bags, and other items.  Any button below with the treasure chest icon can be ordered from Carolina Keepsakes as a t-shirt or other item.  Buttons and t-shirts cannot be shipped together because these are separate businesses in different parts of the state.

Geocaching Hiking Sticks & Staffs  My friend and fellow-geocacher has a very unique site with hand-carved custom hiking sticks, licensed by geocaching.com.  You'll want to take a look at these intriguing pieces of usable art, a great investment in your geocaching gear.  A staff which survives years of hiking with you becomes more than a veteran of miles - it becomes a companion on the trail.

USA GeoCoins  Each coin is individually numbered so each coin is unique! Track your coins at groundspeak.com , just like Travel Bugs. The coins are minted from Commercial Bronze, giving them a golden color much like the Sacagawea dollar coin.  The coin measures 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Click here for more information about purchasing these handsome coins.

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