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Special Cause Examples

Friend of the 
Old Courthouse, 
Rolla Missouri

This button was used as a fund-raiser at a county fair. 
You can find out more about the cause behind the button here.


Joltz CyberZone, 
an urban cyber cafe
offers caffeine, computers, online gaming, and 
tech support

Got to have that cup of java
before the day begins?

These buttons were used as giveaways to help promote the grand opening of this unique cafe.  You can even bring your own computer in to hook into LAN tournaments.

Read more here.

Winston-Salem Warthogs
Booster Club

These buttons and others
were used
as fund-raisers at 
home games.  At each
game, fans began to ask,
"Where are the buttons?"

Rocky for President!

The button at the left was made just for fun for fellow cat-lovers (or rather for two friends owned by a cat).  Although Rocky has no political aspirations, a grassroots campaign may force the office upon him.

Getting your own buttons
is easy.  Just check the
easy instructions below.

Please email if you
have questions not
answered here.

Special Cause Buttons

Buttons are a great way to get the vote, promote your team, or market your product.  Ordering a custom button is easy!  First, contact me by email with details about what you have in mind.  I'm happy to discuss your ideas or to help with suggestions.  I will then be able give you a firm quote on the price to create, print, press, and deliver your custom buttons.

Once you decide to place an order,  I will design a full-color mock-up of your button, which I will attach to email for your review. This proof will show you exactly how your button will look.  I will be happy to make revisions or additions to this proof to suit you.

When you are completely satisfied with the design, I will print and press your custom buttons.



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